How does it work?

Think of all the step by step processes involved in a Construction Operation.

Now, think all of this happening digitally – in one robust system!

This is how Civil ERP is envisioned and built. 

Civil ERP is an integrated ERP System that helps manage Construction Processes in an easy, error-less and immaculate fashion.

We have created a robust and functional system to cater to all your Constrcution needs. With this one system – you’re sorted.  

Civil ERP is an ERP system with multiple functional modules. We are releasing the final system very soon. Till then, you can place an inquiry.

Why use Civil ERP?

Civil ERP is an integrated construction ERP system consisting of 15+ modules.

Here’s why a business must be using this!

An Integrated Framework

Using an ERP system will help get all your functional modules into one integrated and robust system. Civil ERP is an integrated Construction ERP.

One Door System

A one door system can integrate other independent systems into it. So, if you’re using any other module and want to keep it, it can easily be integrated into the Civil ERP System.